Journal of the Indian institute of architects (JIIA)


Focus and scope

Since its launch, the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects has become widely recognised as one of the foremost peer reviewed architecture journals in India. It is published monthly and comprises of original research articles, review papers, case studies, book reviews, critical commentaries, project reviews & interview with stalwarts within the field of architecture, urbanism and planning. Subject areas include primary domains within architecture, architectural design, architectural science and technology, urban planning, landscape and architectural heritage conservation to promote rapid communication among scholars, architects and engineers. This journal is strictly peer reviewed and accepts only original manuscripts submitted in English. Read Author Guidelines for Information on how to submit your article.

Peer review process

Articles submitted to the journal undergo a double blind peer-review procedure, which means that the reviewer is not informed about the identity of the author of the article, and the author is not given information about the reviewer. On average, the review process takes from one to three months. Duties and rights of authors and reviewers are listed in Author Guidelines page.

Procedure for Publication

The primary decision for inclusion will be made by the Editor of JIIA. If this is positive, the submission will then be sent to a suitable reviewer from the panel for comments, on a double-blind review basis. The decision from the Reviewers would be communicated to the author. The submitted papers may be accepted without revisions, or subject to revisions as suggested and re-refereeing before publication. Papers may be rejected on the basis of relevance or content. In the first two cases, the author will asked to make revisions, if necessary, and then re-submit. After final approval from the reviewers, the paper will be edited and proofread. The author may be contacted for editing advice in certain circumstances. This revised paper will be published after the necessary Copyright permission form has been signed and submitted. The format of the copyright permission will be sent to the author once the final paper is ready for publication. Accepting a paper for publication in the journal means that copyrights are granted to JIIA by the individual author(s). However, viewpoints and responsibilities of opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the author. All contributors will sign a copyright permission form stating that they have granted JIIA the rights and permission to reproduce, distribute, publicly display the submitted paper in the published issue and by electronic medium on their website: